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EWW Online's Educational Web Awards 2000

Education World Wide Online now rewards you for your efforts in perfecting your education and career. Our Online Forums have been around the corner for quite some time now and also feature exclusive advices to those seeking help. They are totally free form of our Consultancy service and all you have to do is Sign-up to begin your quest for perfection.

Now EWW Online Online will reward the best Questioners with prizes varying from a eLearning Course on any of your interested subject or even a IBM Pentium 3 ThinkPad!!! Click here for more Information, you can be the next Big winner!!!


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  Colleges and Universities
Check out our list of Top Colleges & Universities in India as well as Internationally. Also specially featured educational institutes in each respective catogories.

  Examinations & Test Preparations
Take part in our online examination series or download some of our chosen papers directly. 

  Community Forums
Take part in our online discussion forums brought to you by EWW Co-ordinator Network. A simple and easy way to interact and give/get Help.
  Cyber Schools
Heres the list of some of the best Schools in India as well as Internationally. Providing state of the art education right from the basics till High School and beyond.

  Global Events
If its a Educational Fair or a Important announcement, EWW Events makes sure that you stay tuned.

  New 24hr Help Desk
Here it is.. a New 24 hour Educational Help Line from EWW Online. Submit your querries or get expert advise on anything that you want to know !!!

  Education World Wide Online Channels.

Web Awards 2000 - Coming this Winter!
The nominations are IN and the winners of our ambitious Educational Web Awards 2000 will be soon anounced. We thank all our participants who nominated and voted for their sites. International Award Winners will be announced on 11-2K.

It's here. It's yours. And its wanting. Shape it with your point of view. If you are a designer - any field - there's a part for you here. Share the knowledge and spread the design. Join us in the quest to explore the little universes that exist amongst us - help us see beauty where we thought none existed, visit with us lands of color, of elegance, of innate and obvious beauty-lands of great design. Welcome aboard!

Channel Cyber Kids is a special page for kids of all ages. Contains links to educational sites around the world related and made Just for Kids! Also helpful sites for teachers of Lower and Kinder Garden Education.

On the way to be the worlds most widest and largest Non-Profit Educational Network. CoNet contains of people from various walks of education helping others get their best. With a Featured list of Top 10 Co-ordinators every month and lots of benifits from EWW Communities.


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EWW ChatZone features some of the top educational community people. Experts in their own fields and knowledge, we share the difference with you. So hold on as the next event may be what you were always looking for..
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